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              Original Greenmouse™ Cat Toy

What is a Greenmouse™?

A Greenmouse™ is an irresistible and eco-friendly toy that is certain to become your cat's new favorite! Greenmouse™ toys are also 100% MADE IN USA.

What is so irresistible about Greenmouse™ cat toys?

Cut from recycled corrugated cardboard and held together with a piece of organic cotton twine, these toy mice offer everything a cat could want: They are flexible - so when they are batted around, they move and wiggle! As they move, the pieces of cardboard rub together and make a rustling paper sound that cats find irresistible!

At approximately 3.5" long (not including the tail), they are the perfect size and shape for batting around. They roll and twist and wiggle, and the corrugated cardboard makes it easy to pick up with claws. The knot at the end of the tail makes them easy to carry around the house.
How do you know my cat wants a Greenmouse™?

Because every cat wants a Greenmouse™! My cat still plays with the prototype toys I made over a year ago. I have sold hundreds of prototype toys through Etsy and had nothing but positive feedback!

How long do Greenmouse™ toys last?

My cat has been playing with his Greenmouse™ toys for over a year, and they have held up great! Except for a few bite/claw marks here and there, they have stood the test of time.

However, Greenmouse™ toys won’t last forever. Please replace if your Greenmouse™ shows signs of excessive wear or deterioration. And, of course, keep your Greenmouse™ toys away from water.

The Original Greenmouse™ Cat Toy
$5 each


Greenmouse™ toys are made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard. - no new tree pulp was used to produce these toys.

Greenmouse™ toys also utilize organic and sustainable cotton twine as well as organic catnip oil spray.
                        IN USA

100% MADE IN USA means that all raw materials are produced in the USA. The recycled cardboard is produced in the USA. The organic cotton twine is grown and produced in the USA. The organic catnip oil spray is grown and produced in the USA. Finally, Greenmouse™ toys are hand assembled in the USA.

  Flat Rate Shipping!

Ship as many Greenmouse™ toys as you want for a flat shipping rate of $1.99 to US addresses, $7.99 to Canada, or $9.99 to anywhere else in the world!

Toys will ship within 2 weeks of receiving cleared payment. Your Greenmouse™ toys will be securely packaged to protect against shipping damage. All Greenmouse™ toys will be shipped by USPS First Class mail.

We cannot guarantee Christmas arrival for any orders placed after December 10th.

The Original Greenmouse™ Cat Toy

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